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Soul & Stone Studio

Amethyst Cathedral 2

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Measurements : 11'' x 6''

*Note*- 1 inch converts to 2.5 cm

Chakra: Crown + Third Eye + Heart

Properties:  Visionary + Spiritual Protection + Divinity + Purification

Amethyst Quartz, This is a statement piece of high quality grade amethyst.


The Amethyst is a fan favourite for a reason, it's powerful, It's a healer, it's strong and it's gorgeous. All the things we love in a crystal! Display them on your mantle, your office desk, a beautiful bookshelf or a hutch, your bedroom side table for your nighttime reflection routine or anywhere else where you need that powerhouse to give you strength and comfort, to purify and clear your space.

The amazing Amethyst is known as one of the most powerful crystals, it opens your third eye chakra, brings you self-awareness, is a spiritual teacher and calms your energy. With intention this crystal can enhance your own protective energetic shields, can purify your aura and chakras, enhance intuition and strengthen visions.  It awakens us to our deeper selves and enhances our natural ability to connect with higher vibrations. Since the amethyst can strengthen our mental energy and all said above, it is a powerful healing crystal, a definite must-have for any collection, energy healer or home. It's a powerful tool for energy work, healing and meditation.


The Amethyst has a very colourful history, being adorned and loved by high Priests and Priestesses, Monarchies, used in ancient Egypt all the way to our ancient Neolithic people of Europe in the years 25 000 bc.

Amethysts are part of the Quartz family with a hardness of 7, making it a hardy and desirable crystal. It is abundant and a classic. It is found predominantly in South America with pockets in some countries in Africa, in Canada, the US, Mexico and more. At Soul and Stone, we specifically choose to source Amethyst from South America, our personal preference for sourcing ethically for quality and beauty.

Note to Buyers:

Crystals are directly sourced from nature. None of our crystals are lab-created, dyed or tinted.

Stones are a natural product found in nature; they are minerals grown in different types of extreme conditions creating the masterpieces that they are. Each one will have small and subtle fissures, inclusions, pits and pockets and these might not be visible from a photograph. Some may have naturally broken off pieces and we try to represent these as best we can. Colour and shape will vary from stone to stone, no two are alike. These so-called imperfections are what makes each crystal so unique and beautiful. They are the tell-tale markings of crystals, differentiating them from glass.

At Soul & Stone Studio we strive to source the highest quality of semi-precious crystals as possible. We pride ourselves in our curatorial style.

Please verify measurements carefully and look at photographs with a keen eye. We have found that crystals appear larger in pictures and videos than in real life. Please expect your products to be smaller than you expect. If you have any doubt, please grab a ruler and size the measurements to visualize its real-life shape. The same is said about colour, it is impossible to fully demonstrate its real-life colour as photography and video distorts the light. We do think however that natural products are more amazing in person than in photos. It is our hope that you will fall in love with your purchase.