A Revolution of the Heart

  • Quality

    We strive to find high grade, timeless crystals for your home and heart.

  • Ethical Practices

    We advocate for fair trade and traceable crystals by partnering with small family-owned businesses worldwide. We also care for our planet and make the best possible eco choices.

  • Inner Joy

    Healing the heart is the revolution of our times. We believe in finding our own guiding light that resides within the soul. Want to learn more about meditation, chakras and leading with love? We're here for it.

  • Celine T., - Coquitlam, BC

    ''I bought one of your moss agates at the port moody station holiday festival!!! I think your crystals are the most beautiful I’ve EVER SEEN''

    (photo submitted by client)

  • Dr. Richie-Ann Rodriguez, Coquitlam, BC

    ''Suzanne’s crystals are special in that they emanate authenticity.
    More than the fact that they are ethically-sourced and that they are so uniquely formed… her crystals have a soul quality to them. And I believe it is the intention she holds, with which she curates her collection, that makes all the difference.''

    (photo submitted by client)

  • Nina R., Woodbridge, ON

    ''Hi!!! I received your package yesterday,(....)I want to thank
    you for packaging them sooo well, nothing broke!! I was a little worried
    because I've ordered from people who didn't package well and my stuff
    arrived broken... But you packed it amazing. And also, thank you for the
    little gift 💜💜 I'm so so happy. I told myself no more crystals, but when I gift myself permission to buy more, I'm definitely only buying from you! You're amazing, thanks so so much 💜💜💜''

    (photo submitted by client)

  • Jessica H. Vineland, ON

    ''I fell in love with this beautiful and rare specimen of Himalayan Pink
    Quartz and knew I wanted her to be the star of my crystal collection
    almost immediately. After answering some of my questions and addressing any lingering concerns, (as it was a big purchase) I committed during one of Soul and Stone’s Live Instagram Sales. Suzanne was quick and professional in fulfilling the order and she (I’ve named her “Lalita”) arrived in perfect condition, wrapped in a gorgeous black ribbon. The whole experience was special and personal! Thank you so much Suzanne! I will definitely be returning for more!''

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