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Measurement (in height): Small 4.5 inches Large 5.75 inches

*Note*- 1 inch converts to 2.5 cm

Chakra: For Clear Quartz: All, For Rose Quartz: Heart

Properties: For Clear Quartz : Programmability + Intentions + Amplification + Creation of Reality

For Rose Quartz: Love, Unconditional + All-encompassing Love + Emotional Healing + Stress-reliever.

Clear Quartz Angels:

Clear Quartz is a Master Healer, it is the most abundant mineral on the planet and is an essential tool for energetic healing, meditation, setting intention and clearing and purifying space. Clear Quartz's ability to be programmed makes it a powerful amplifier for one's intentions and goal setting. The more surfaces a Clear Quartz has, the more intentions you can program into the crystal. If a point has 7 surfaces, you can program 7 intentions. With a sphere or carved Angel you would program one, yet powerful intention. A sphere is the most complete and whole shape in the universe making it perfect for balance and clearing space. Points and Generators are ideal for setting goals and intention, intensifying personal goals and healing. Pyramids intensifies and generates energy. Every shape holds the energy a little big differently. In this case, angels also act as a visual reminder to seek and ask for help when needed. They bring us comfort in knowing we are never alone. Ask and you shall receive.

It is water-safe.

Rose Quartz Angels:

Rose Quartz is the quintessential love crystal. Whether it's universal, unconditional love, environment love, compassion, love for your partner, children, family, fellow humans or healing a painful past, Rose Quartz is all that and then some. Rose quartz will elevate your frequency to feel love and joy and when you are feeling low and sad, it will help you go inward to see what needs to be seen. Rose Quartz resonates most with the Heart chakra. You can wear Rose quartz, put in every room of your house, use it as a healing or meditation tool or display as a decor statement piece, you can never have too much rose quartz. It's energy is gentle enough that you can not over-do Rose Quartz and can be used by he most sensitive people. Rose quartz is a dream of a crystal, it alleviates stress and heightens the rhythm of your life. This is another must-have crystal for any collector.

Rose Quartz is a member of the of Quartz family. It is water-safe.

Note to Buyers: Every crystal you receive will be unique for you! It will not be the one in the photo unless otherwise noted. Stones shown are for representation of colour, size and shape. The one you receive will be intuitively chosen and will be a variation of the ones pictured and will not be an exact match unless specifically noted. We do not allow specific stone choices on grouped listings unless otherwise noted. Please write us a ‘note to seller’ at checkout of your preferred characteristics and we will do our best to fulfill your request

Crystals are directly sourced from nature. None of our crystals are lab-created, dyed or tinted. 

Stones are a natural product found in nature; they are minerals grown in different types of extreme conditions creating the masterpieces that they are. Each one will have small and subtle fissures, inclusions, pits and pockets and these might not be visible from a photograph. Some may have naturally broken off pieces and we try to represent these as best we can. Colour and shape will vary from stone to stone, no two are alike. These so-called imperfections are what makes each crystal so unique and beautiful. They are the tell-tale markings of crystals, differentiating them from glass.

At Soul & Stone Studio we strive to source the highest quality of semi-precious crystals as possible. We pride ourselves in our curatorial style.

Please verify measurements carefully and look at photographs with a keen eye. We have found that crystals appear larger in pictures and videos than in real life. Please expect your products to be smaller than you expect. If you have any doubt, please grab a ruler and size the measurements to visualize its real-life shape. The same is said about colour, it is impossible to fully demonstrate its real-life colour as photography and video distorts the light. We do think however that natural products are more amazing in person than in photos. It is our hope that you will fall in love with your purchase.