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Soul & Stone Studio

Icy Himalayan Quartz Cluster

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Measurement: 5'' in height

Weight- 1.5-2 kg

*Note*- 1 inch converts to 2.5 cm

Chakra: Crown, Heart, Solar Plexus

Properties: Connection + Universal Love + Clarity + Awareness

Himalayan Quartz


Samadhi Quartz is a Clear, Pink, Green, Smoky, Red or Yellow quartz found at the highest elevations of our planet. Because of their locality, this changes their energy field and makes them a distinct quartz or the Quartz family.

The Himalayan Quartz will burst open your heart chakra, subtle yet aggressively expand your heart chakra to the point of pulsation. It helps you feel alive flowing with compassion and universal love. The energy flows upward towards the crown chakra and connects with the universal energy fields and grids. The Samadhi is a gift to humanity, one to help us tap into their wonderful world of minerology, into their unique communication style, nature's wifi. Use this crystal with a grounding crystal and you will be tapping into your true self, into full balance of the positive and negative charges. For this type of crystal, size matters. The larger the piece, the stronger the energy. The clearer the piece, the more intense the energy will connect with you.

Samadhis are fickle and will some days want to connect and on other days decide to close off to you. This is natural and okay. If you are sensitive to energy, you will feel this on and off again relationship. The more time you spend with it the stronger the bond will form. We believe that crystals form a relationship with humans and that it is not a one-way relationship, we believe that is it mutual. All of this information comes directly from Suzanne, owner and Crystal Intuitive of Soul and Stone Studio. The information you read here is unique and will also feel different to everyone. No crystal experience is the same for everyone, our frequencies at which we vibe is how we experience these interactions and our frequencies are always changing and evolving, hence, your crystal experience will evolve as well.

Pink Himalayan quartz will also stimulate the solar plexus chakra and have a greater emphasis on the heart chakra. For the highly sensitive people, you will feel an overwhelming opening of your entire auric field, you may want to handle the crystals in short amounts of time until you become more comfortable with the sensation. This energy is so strong, it is an instant clearing of all negativity attached to your energy field however whether that negativity returns to you is entirely up to you and your intentions. The crystal can only help you in the moment of connection and upon your intention.  


The Himalayan Quartz's industry name is Samadhi Quartz, meaning 'reaching Nirvana'. Samadhi Quartz is a quartz found only in the remote regions of the Himalayan mountains in the highest elevations of any mined crystals- 18 000 feet above sea level. Miners must hike a few days to the mining locations as there are no roads to reach these high elevations. The mining is done gently and meticulously as to not harm the crystals, they are hand mined. It is one the most ethical and environmentally-friendly practices of mining. After pieces have been mined, they are then packaged and carried down the mountain in the miners backpacks, literally a heavy load on their backs. They are then gently cleaned and prepared to ship from the valley of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India. The local families that we buy from supports an entire community, and we are proud to be part of this ethical chain of providing quality crystals to people to and from around the world.

Note to Buyers:

Crystals are directly sourced from nature. None of our crystals are lab-created, dyed or tinted.

Stones are a natural product found in nature; they are minerals grown in different types of extreme conditions creating the masterpieces that they are. Each one will have small and subtle fissures, inclusions, pits and pockets and these might not be visible from a photograph. Some may have naturally broken off pieces and we try to represent these as best we can. Colour and shape will vary from stone to stone, no two are alike. These so-called imperfections are what makes each crystal so unique and beautiful. They are the tell-tale markings of crystals, differentiating them from glass.

At Soul & Stone Studio we strive to source the highest quality of semi-precious crystals as possible. We pride ourselves in our curatorial style.

Please verify measurements carefully and look at photographs with a keen eye. We have found that crystals appear larger in pictures and videos than in real life. Please expect your products to be smaller than you expect. If you have any doubt, please grab a ruler and size the measurements to visualize its real-life shape. The same is said about colour, it is impossible to fully demonstrate its real-life colour as photography and video distorts the light. We do think however that natural products are more amazing in person than in photos. It is our hope that you will fall in love with your purchase.