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Soul & Stone Studio

Pyrite cubes

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Measurement (in diameter):


*Note*- 1 inch converts to 2.5 cm

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Properties: Courage+ Solar Plexus + Joy + Balance + Grounding



There's a lot to be said about Pyrite. It is a unique mineral that provides an abundance of special properties when tapping into it's energetic frequencies. Pyrite and Smoky quartz both have a unique property of being able to balance our energetic field by uniting the polarization of our existance. Pyrite is a heavily grounding stone, it's energy assists yours in going down towards the earth, bringing a feeling of reconnection with the earth and being solidly on ground. This is perfect for those living too much in their minds and higher thoughts. As grounding as this stone is, it uniquely and gently connects with the crown chakra, keeping it open and flowing while connection with the root chakra and ground.

Pyrite enters our auric field via the Solar Plexus and this keeps our connection to our Center, our life force and cosmic being. It enforces strength and courage, focus' your mind on the feeling of joy and with all this energy it puts you in a position to bring about more meaningful willpower and manifestation and thus has a reputation of bringing abundance into your life. But pay attention to our wording: It does not bring you abundance but rather gives you the energetic tools to attract abundance yourself.


This Pyrite is from Spain, dubbed the Spanish pyrite. Pyrite is nicknamed 'Fool's Gold' for -you guessed it- fooling gold diggers into thinking that it is real gold. It is not unfortunately but it's properties make up for what it's monetary value does not.

Don't be fooled by Fool's Gold, It is naturally formed in cubic form, completely unaltered by humans. They are not polished nor shaped in this formation, they are one of the very few minerals formed in perfect cubes.

Pyrite is also found in Peru and other parts of South America but what you'll find there is a different formation, one that can be shaped and polished into spheres, pyramids and towers or left natural in a cluster formation.

Note to Buyers:

Crystals are directly sourced from nature. None of our crystals are lab-created, dyed or tinted.

Stones are a natural product found in nature; they are minerals grown in different types of extreme conditions creating the masterpieces that they are. Each one will have small and subtle fissures, inclusions, pits and pockets and these might not be visible from a photograph. Some may have naturally broken off pieces and we try to represent these as best we can. Colour and shape will vary from stone to stone, no two are alike. These so-called imperfections are what makes each crystal so unique and beautiful. They are the tell-tale markings of crystals, differentiating them from glass.

At Soul & Stone Studio we strive to source the highest quality of semi-precious crystals as possible. We pride ourselves in our curatorial style.

Please verify measurements carefully and look at photographs with a keen eye. We have found that crystals appear larger in pictures and videos than in real life. Please expect your products to be smaller than you expect. If you have any doubt, please grab a ruler and size the measurements to visualize its real-life shape. The same is said about colour, it is impossible to fully demonstrate its real-life colour as photography and video distorts the light. We do think however that natural products are more amazing in person than in photos. It is our hope that you will fall in love with your purchase.